Mediaservices was established in 1995 as a media consultancy with emphasis on producing press releases that are actually hard news stories.

Staffed entirely by highly experienced journalists with many years of experience in the hard news environment, we are plugged into every newsroom country-wide.

 We know exactly how to craft our news releases to ensure that they are widely used by newspapers, radio and TV.

What We Do

As one of the leading smaller Public Relations Companies in Gauteng we focus primarily on getting our clients published in the print media and aired on radio and TV.

We have perfected the art of writing press releases that are highly newsworthy and have a long track record of publications that regularly use our stories.

Our clients regularly appear on every major radio and TV station as well as countless hits in newspapers and magazines.


Some of our major current clients include litigation funding company  Christopher Consulting , which provides financial backing and forensic expertise for funding medical malpractice cases as well as personal injury litigation.

Debt Rescue is one of the largest debt counselling companies in the country